The remains of a shipwreck have been discovered on a beach in Nantucket, Massachusetts, on 9th February.

The wreckage discovered was identified as the stern of the Warren Sawyer, a three-masted schooner that was reported lost.

The watery remains of the ship were filmed on Miacomet Beach by local resident Jesse Ahern.

The Warren Sawyer was sailing between Boston and New Orleans when it was blown off course by powerful winds on 22 December 1884. 

The vessel, loaded with scrap iron and cotton cargo, was destroyed in the storm, but the crew members escaped.

The reason of such shipwrecks similar to the Warren Sawyer is due to the shifts to the sedimentary environment.

This can happen in the aftermath of powerful storms that whip up ocean waters and the seabed.

Ships can be preserved for hundreds of years after they sink, depending on the conditions that they settle in.

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