Port of Baltimore Might Reopen to shipping traffic by May End

According to the US Army Corps of Engineers, the Baltimore Port might reopen for operations by May end.

A channel with limited access will be cleared to allow some cargo traffic to the port.

Port of Baltimore is a busy US Port, handling farm equipment and vehicles.

It was closed after a container ship named MV Dali struck the Francis Scott Key Bridge on March 26, blocking entry or exit to the Baltimore Port.

Shipping was impacted as some vessels were trapped at the berths while others had to be diverted to nearby ports.

The Army Corps mentioned that opening a 280-foot wide and 35-foot deep passage will take around four weeks.

Restoring the channel, which measures 700 ft in width and 50 ft in depth, can be done only until the end of May.

Work can be delayed if weather is not favourable, per the Commander of Army Corps.

Given the port’s importance for the nation, work is progressing swiftly to clear the channel so the Port of Baltimore could return to normal operations.

Federal officials will release the findings of the Baltimore Bridge collapse investigation within a few days.