The USS George Washington (CVN 73) completed its Flight Deck Certification, signifying a major milestone in its return to full operational status.

Flight Deck Certification is a rigorous evaluation process that ensures the carrier's ability to safely launch and recover aircraft under various conditions, including day and night operations.

The certification involved a three-day testing phase with approximately 247 catapult launches conducted by the carrier.

Inspection experts from the Commander of the Naval Air Forces Atlantic (CNAL) assessed the carrier's air department for firefighting and flight deck casualties during the trials.

The ship also obtained its fuel system certification and conducted additional carrier qualifications supporting Carrier Air Wing One (CVW-1).

The certification enables air wing pilots to engage in specialized proficiency and qualification drills, preparing squadrons and carriers for operations.

The USS George Washington, named after the first US president, was commissioned on July 4, 1992, and is a unique nuclear-powered aircraft carrier capable of supporting over 60 aircraft.

The carrier can introduce and recover planes while moving at high speeds, providing essential capabilities for naval operations.

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