A man overboard (MOB) situation on a ship refers to a situation in which a person falls off or jumps off a ship into the water.

This can happen in circumstances like bad weather, accidents, or even negligence.

Such situations can be fatal, as the person in the water is at risk of drowning, hypothermia, or being hit by a ship.

In the event of a man overboard situation, it is important to act quickly and efficiently to rescue the person in the water.

Alert the crew and other ships in the area that a person has gone overboard using a MOB alarm or by sounding a horn or whistle.

The ship should then try to locate the person in the water using visual or electronic means.

Once the person has been located, the ship should deploy a rescue vessel or throw a life ring to the person in the water.

Once rescued, they should be given medical attention as needed and the incident should be thoroughly documented.

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