On World Maritime Day, winners of Life at Sea 2023 announced, with John Robert M. Maraño winning the first prize.

John Robert M. Maraño's winning photo '12 Degrees' captures the ship's roll and the challenge of working at sea.

Mikael Cesar Bureros secures the second prize with his dramatic photo 'Converging Forces,' showcasing a ship in a sandstorm.

'Serenity' by Reza Sajedifar wins the third prize, offering a colorful glimpse of a fisherman at prayer on a tanker.

'Woman, you belong!' highlights the underrepresentation of women in the maritime sector, as captured by Juven Tupas.

'Rescue at Sea' by Elijah Jose C. Barrios portrays a high-stress humanitarian rescue situation faced by seafarers.

Randolph P. de Jesus' 'Tank Inspection' provides an abstract perspective on the challenges of maintaining a ship.

'Working overside' by Anil D Jethwa earns a special recognition for its astonishing low-resolution image.

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