Through 882 ½ intriguing and thought-provoking questions, the book raises queries that many readers might have encountered.

The book combines fact and provides the readers with a unique perspective on the tragedy.

The book provides a full understanding of the disaster and the far-reaching effects it had on the survivors.

The book is incredibly well-researched and is a must read for anyone interested in the survivor’s tales of the Titanic.

The book provides a whole new perspective on the last few hours of the doomed liner.

The book covers the history and subsequent investigation, discovery, and exploration of the doomed ocean liner.

Through visual aids and diagrams, the book is a new way of educating today’s youth about a poignant history.

The book has cleared up many of the myths surrounding the sinking and wreckage of the ship.

The book keeps the reader on edge throughout as they are taken on a journey of tragedy, courage and sacrifice.

This book is frequently used as a research tool and educational guide in schools and other institutions.

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