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Chinese prominent naval scientist Rear Admiral Ma Weiming, unveiled the blueprint of a futuristic warship in a research paper published on 13th June.

Check out the key of this Star Wars-type super-warship as per the research paper published by a Chinese scientist: 

The ship would carry many aircraft, and the computer-generated image of this ship is quite different from a traditional carrier.

The core element of this ship is its novel naval combat system coupled with electromagnetic weapons and a robust electrical system driven by nuclear energy.

It would have powerful electromagnetic rail guns, having a long reach and the capacity to hit targets nearby at up to 7 times the speed of sound.

The automatic missile reloading system would help the ship to fire more missiles compared to the enemies.

The coilguns of the ship would launch various underwater weapons, strengthening the dominance of the ship underwater.

Laser weapons and high-powered microwaves would help the ship to precisely target its adversary forces and counter multiple targets simultaneously over a broad area.

As per the research paper the ship would have the advanced technology of effectively transforming the ship's nuclear power into electromagnetic energy required to operate these weapons.

The powerful radars and sensors of the ship would be capable of detecting the adversaries from a greater distance.

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