Majestic Superyacht Koru is 127 m or 417 ft long, which is longer than a football field. 

The three-mast schooner was constructed by Oceanco in the Netherlands and later taken to Rotterdam.

The 3300 GT behemoth will be the tallest sailing yacht in the world and the longest yacht constructed in the Netherlands.

Bezos named her ‘Koru’, after a Maori symbol representing the spiral of an unfurling fern frond.

Its inward coils reflect a return to the point of origin. Hence, Koru symbolises how life both changes and stays the same.

Koru has an eye-catching black hull and a white superstructure, a spacious pool and many decks for basking in the sun.

It is said to have a long bowsprit, a canoe stern for greater privacy while it is berthed.

Superyacht Koru will be accompanied by a support vessel to carry toys, tenders and additional crew members.

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