Submarines are specialized vehicles that are designed and built specifically for underwater operations.

The hull of a submarine is a crucial part of its design, as it serves as the structural backbone of the vessel and provides protection for the crew and equipment inside.

The outer hull provides structural support for the submarine and helps it to maintain its shape and integrity underwater.

Outer Hull

It is directly exposed to the pressure of the water at great depths, and it must be strong enough to withstand these forces. 

Pressure Hull

The main ballast tanks of a submarine are a key part of the vessel's design and are used to control its buoyancy.

Main Ballast Tanks (MBTs)

It is a raised structure located on the top of the vessel's hull. It is usually equipped with a periscope that allows the crew to see out of the submarine. 

Sail or Bridge Fin

They control the vessel's movement underwater. These surfaces include the rudder, the ballast tanks, and the diving planes.

control surfaces
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