The Indian government has finally approved the project, significantly enhancing the Indian Naval capability.

Hindustan Shipyard to indigenously build the Five Fleet Support Ships worth Rs.20,000 crore for Indian Navy.

These ships will play a key role in replenishing warships, helping them supply food, fuel, and ammunition.

The project was initially proposed in 2014 but persistently got delayed past nine years.

1. Significant differences between Hindustan Shipyard Limited and Korean design consultant Hyundai Heavy Industries

Reasons For Delay:

2. Turkey's stance on the amendment in Article 370 led to the disparity with Turkish Shipyard TAIS

Reasons For Delay:

These fleet support ships (FSS) will have a displacement of about 45,000 tonnes.

The FSS project will generate thousands of new jobs, and the ships to get delivered in about eight years.

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