Royal Caribbean's largest cruise vessel, Icon of the Seas, sets sail for the first time, generating immense excitement.

Sea trials commence, involving over 450 experts conducting preliminary tests on the ship's engines, hull, and lifeboats.

The vessel features notable attractions, including the AquaDome, infinite balconies, and a water park on Thrill Island.

Some areas of the ship, like the pool deck and family-friendly neighborhoods, remain undisclosed.

The real-life appearance of Icon of the Seas lives up to expectations, although more work is still required before passenger voyages can begin.

With a capacity of over 5,600 passengers (7,500 when complete), the ship offers a roomy space ratio of 44.7, ranking high in terms of passenger comfort.

Demand for the Icon of the Seas is unprecedented, resulting in higher prices compared to other ships in the fleet.

Despite the increased cost, the anticipation and innovative features make it one of the most sought-after cruise vessels in recent years.

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