Unlike ships, the submarine does not have the privilege to ply on the surface and can remain underwater for several days at a stretch.

The generation of oxygen for continual supply is one of the major cornerstones of submarine accommodation and systems design.

Submarines produce the majority of the oxygen from their surrounding water.

Electrolysis of Water is one of the oldest and simplest technologies for the generation of oxygen used in submarines.

Chemical Oxygen Concentrator is a more advanced, expensive, and risky process but can produce a constant supply in all conditions in the submarine.

Solid Polymer Oxygen Generator is a technology is increasingly superseding existing conventional electrolytic methods in EOGs. This is an improvement over the electrolytic technology.

In order to provide oxygen it is also very important to remove the carbon dioxide that is continuously produced in submarines.

The process which is used to remove CO2 is known as Scrubbing.

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