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Australia sends its greatest warship, HMAS Canberra to Philippines amid rising tensions with Beijing over the disputed South China Sea.

The HMAS Canberra will join the military drills with US and Philippines forces.

The South China Sea, connecting the Indian Ocean to the Pacific Ocean is the most crucial waterway in the world and could harbor valuable deposits of natural resources.

China’s extensive claims in the region led to disputes with countries such as Malaysia, Taiwan, Brunei, and Vietnam.

Recently, China was accused of using water cannons against Filipino supply boat on the much-disputed Spratly Islands, causing unlawful actions.

Although US usually stays impartial in territorial disputes but has also conducted freedom of navigation operations in the region.

Australia’s defense and security with the Philippines has a history of 100 years of collaboration.

China’s aggression in the region has led to strained relationships between Australia with Beijing.

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