HII tests new EMALS catapult from USS John F.Kennedy

NNS, a division of HII, has begun topside testing of the new Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System on the US Navy’s 2nd Ford-class aircraft carrier, USS John. F. Kennedy.

The US Navy’s John F. Kennedy (CVN 79) will be the second Ford-class carrier to use new technology to launch aircraft.

EMALS is the Navy’s newest complete carrier-based aircraft launch system.

It is designed to launch all current and future carrier air wing platforms – lightweight unmanned to heavy strike fighters.

EMALS replaces the existing steam catapults currently in use on the US Navy’s Nimitz class aircraft carriers.

The mission and function of EMALS are the same as the traditional steam catapult; however, it employs entirely different technologies.

EMALS uses stored kinetic energy and solid-state electrical power conversion.

It also permits a high degree of computer control, monitoring and automation.

EMALS offers higher launch-energy capacity and more accurate end-speed control, with smooth acceleration at both high and low speeds.