Happy News for Aspiring Naval Candidates As U.S Navy Eases Education Requirements

The United States Navy has eased its recruitment criteria and done away with secondary education requirements.

The modifications were announced after the U.S. Navy missed its recruiting goal in 2023 by about 6,000 and is trying to fill the gap.

The Navy’s target in 2024 is to recruit 40,600 people aged 17-41 who can meet its physical, mental, and moral standards.

Recruits with no GED or high school diploma can enter service if they score above the 50th percentile on the Armed Services Qualification Test (ASQT).

Around 500 of the over 2,400 prospective recruits turned away last year for not having an education certification may now be eligible under the new regulations.

This decision reinstates an old policy as until 2000, an adequate test score was enough to enlist.

Still, it is a tall bar to clear, and most U.S. citizens cannot take the test, given their low fitness, past criminal records, etc.

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