A French warship operating with CTF 150 seized drugs worth $108 million in the Indian Ocean.

The seizure included 2,265kg of heroin and 242kg of methamphetamine from four fishing ships during routine patrol.

CTF 150's maritime forces have seized drugs valued at $203 million in 2023, contributing to a total of over $1 billion in drug interdictions.

CTF 150 is a task force operating under Combined Maritime Forces, headquartered in Bahrain, working towards multinational naval cooperation.

Lt. Francis Henry from the UK Royal Navy praised the collaboration with French sailors in achieving the mission's objectives.

CTF 150 conducts maritime security operations in the Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean, and Gulf of Oman, aiming to uphold international laws and facilitate trade.

HMS Lancaster, part of CTF 150, seized 3.2 tons of cannabis resin valued at £2.5 million in the Arabian Sea on May 8.

USS Paul Hamilton, also part of CTF 150, intercepted drugs worth $42 million, including 35lbs of methamphetamine, in the Gulf of Oman on April 21.

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