Former US Navy Officer Warns Of Unidentified Underwater Objects

A retired US Navy admiral has mentioned that unidentified objects can sometimes travel in the deep oceans without ever emerging.

The spotting of the so-called unidentified flying objects (UFOs) has received significant attention over the past few years, with the US Congress conducting a press briefing about the issue in 2023.

The Pentagon has debunked the sightings, clarifying that they did not find any evidence of extraterrestrial technology.

However, the US admiral has warned about unidentified submarines, mentioning that they pose a “real threat” to international maritime security.

A white paper written by an Expert Oceanographer says that unidentified submersible objects (abbreviated USOs) require immediate attention.

To resolve security and scientific problems, transmedium UAPs and USOs should be elevated to the national ocean research priorities.

The officer claimed that the US government isn’t sharing its knowledge on USOs and UAPs, making it more difficult to tackle security threats across oceans.