MV Britannia is a cruise ship of the P&O Cruises fleet and is the largest ship built exclusively for Britain.

The Britannia has the capacity to accommodate 3600 passengers, along with 1400 crew members.

The Ship consists of 13 restaurants and cafes, 15 passenger decks and 4 swimming pools.

The floating art collection onboard comprises of 8,000 pieces of art worth £1 million. 

Britannia is 1,082 feet long, which is even 82 ft longer than 10 blue whales.

She is equivalent to four-and-a-half nose-to-tail Airbus A380s.

The Britannia is longer than The Statue of Liberty, The Shard as well as The Eiffel Tower.

Her Engine generates 62,400 kW of power which is equal to the power of 84 Bugatti Veyrons.

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