The Costa Concordia cruise ship was commissioned in the year 2004 and was the first Cost Cruises’ peerless Concordia class vessel.


The construction cost of the ship was US$ 570 million, and it was put into operation in the year 2006.

The length of the vessel was 290 meters (290.2 to be precise) with a breadth of 35.5 meters and a draft of over 8 meters.


The Costa Concordia had a capacitance of almost 4,000,  with a slew of crew members to provide servicing assistance to its voyagers.


Francesco Schettino, the skipper,  instead of routing the vessel as per the stipulated route, diverted the vessel’s course to the island of Giglio.


However the failure to monitor the closeness of the vessel’s position with respect to the shoals and rocks in the island, led to a huge catastrophe.

The easy deployment of the life-boats prevented a huge-scale loss of life of passengers and crew.

However, the captain chose to take the easy way out instead of helping everyone to safety, that created a huge wave of uproar.

The Captain, instead of staying with his crew and the passengers, he jumped off the ship and was amongst those who escaped in the first of the life-boats deployed.

Based on the reports, the ex-captain and the crew are expected to be charged in the court of law.

The process of salvage to re-haul the Costa Concordia is soon set to start. The Costa Concordia ship can be hoped to be reincarnated in a completely new light.