China’s Spy Satellite Captures Pictures of US Navy’s Largest Base in Virginia

Chinese satellite Ku Taijing-4-03 captured images of Naval Station Norfolk in Virginia, showing three aircraft carriers and other fleet vessels.

Two were Arleigh Burke-class warships, and 4 other vessels in the image couldn’t be identified.

The Norfolk base on the US east coast is one of the premier naval bases responsible for projecting power and operations in the Atlantic Ocean.

It is also the world’s largest shore-based naval establishment, supporting 75 ships, 134 aircraft, with 14 piers and 11 hangars.

It is home to the Military Sealift Command and the submarines of the Atlantic Fleet.

This incident shows China’s dual use of space technologies for military purposes.

In January 2024, it was found that China had built a replica of the US Navy aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford to be used as a target.

These replicas show China's expanding capability to counter U.S. aircraft carriers and other ships.

The targets are more representative of reality and help obtain more accurate data during tests.