China's Largest Aircraft Carrier 'Fujian' Commences 1st Sea Trial

Chinese aircraft carrier Fujian, the biggest warship built anywhere outside of the U.S, completed its first sea trials.

The development coincided with the anniversary of China's Navy Foundation Day (People's Liberation Army Navy) on April 23.

The Fujian is China's largest warship and was launched in June 2022.

With its first trial, all eyes are on China and India's naval capabilities in the Indo-Pacific.

The Fujian weighs more than 80,000 tonnes and can carry 60 to 70 fighter jets.

The Fujian also has an electromagnetic aircraft launch system (EMALS) and Advanced Arresting Gear (AAG) technology.

Before this, the EMALS and AAG technology was only found on the US Gerald Ford aircraft carrier, the world's largest aircraft carrier.

Named after China's Fujian province, it overtook Liaoning and Shandong to become China's largest aircraft carrier.