China's PLA Navy Shandong Carrier Strike Group deployed off Taiwan's east coast.

Taiwan's Ministry of National Defense and Japan's Ministry of Defense confirmed the deployment. 

The strike group consists of Shandong (17), frigate Liuzhou (573) and fleet oiler Chaganhu (905). 

The group is currently 200 nautical miles off Taiwan’s east coast. 

No aircraft have been seen taking off from the carrier. 

China firmly opposes US-Taiwan contact, citing violation of the one-China principle. 

Pentagon officials downplayed the strike group’s deployment.

China's third carrier, CNS Fujian (18) is in its fitting-out stage.

Liaoning's deployment was accompanied by five other ships.

Japanese JMSDF P-3C Orion and P-1 MPAs monitored the strike group's movement. 

Destroyer Changchun (150) and frigate Anyang (599) sailed between Yonaguni and Taiwan.

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