China claims to have successfully simulated the destruction of the USS Gerald R. Ford, the world's largest aircraft carrier, using hypersonic missiles.

The simulation involved 24 unique hypersonic anti-ship missiles launched from various locations, resulting in the sinking of almost every US surface vessel.

The researchers argue that this simulation demonstrates the vulnerability of the USS Gerald R. Ford carrier fleet to a relatively small number of hypersonic strikes.

However, caution is advised when interpreting the results, as real-world performance may differ from the simulations.

The report has not been independently verified, and analysts question the motivations behind its release.

Discussing the outcome of war games or simulations often serves a political objective and should be viewed with skepticism.

War games are designed to test specific functions, assumptions, or variables and promote learning rather than focusing on winning or losing.

The study's release coincided with leaked Pentagon documents revealing China's deployment of an intermediate-range hypersonic missile and enhanced strike capabilities.

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