The Brazilian Navy claimed that the SÃO PAULO warship, loaded with toxic waste materials, was in imminent danger of running aground so it was forced to go to sea.

Those who have closely followed the SAO PAULO saga were shocked by this move and doubted the Navy's sudden reasoning that the ship was under threat. 

According to NGOs, rather than re-examine the ship for hazardous wastes, the Navy plans to sink the vessel in the Atlantic Ocean using an excuse of a small leak in the ship's structure.

In a meeting held on 29 December,  a navy representative already hinted at the possibility of emergency actions of sinking the ship.

The meeting concluded that it was not in imminent danger of sinking, but should still be returned to a Brazilian port to undergo repairs.

The forced sinking by the Brazilian government would result in the release of toxic and radioactive materials into the marine environment in violation of international law (London Protocol).

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