Amongst the many wonders that form a part of the planet earth, there isn’t anything like Bio Bay, located in Puerto Rico.

This bay is unique because it glows at night, turning into one of the most beautiful sights seen in the world.

With the rich presence of Pyrodinium bahamense, the single-celled organism behind the fantastic phenomenon.

The Bioluminescent Bay is located along the Caribbean coast on the southern shore of Vieques Island of Puerto Rico.

The bioluminescent bay was created quite inadvertently while the Spaniards controlled the islands.

The Spanish believed that the phenomenon was the work of the devil and tried to bar the waters of the bay from entering the neighbouring sea waters with huge rocks and stones. 

Bioluminescence, which can also be referred to as luminescence in simple terms, is caused by a chemical reaction by microscopic organisms that dwell in the bay’s waters.

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