Around 105 years ago, an explosion occurred on a ship in the harbor of Halifax, Canada on 6th December 1917.

Killing more than 2000 people and injuring another 10,000. 

It was the largest man-made explosion to that date until an atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima.

The cause of the explosion was the collision between a Belgian ship, named Imo, and French ship, the Mont Blanc, carrying 2600 T of high explosives.

The collision set Mont Blanc on fire. The ship drifted towards the center of the city. 

Twenty minutes later, the Mont Blanc exploded. 

The blast was so powerful that the chunks and shards of the ship dropped across an eight-kilometer range.

The water in the harbor evaporated, and the inrushing sea caused a tsunami 60 feet high which swept into the town of Halifax. 

The cloud from the explosion rose over 20,000 feet, blast destroyed /damaged every home and factory within 16-mile radius.

There are a number of sites commemorating the explosion, the largest is the Halifax Explosion Memorial Bell Tower. 

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