Berge Bulk - one the world's leading dry bulk ship owners, has launched "Berge Olympus", the world's most powerful sailing cargo ship.

Berge Olympus is fitted with four retrofitted BARTech WindWings by Yara Marine Technologies, each possessing an aerodynamic span of 37.5 metres height and 20 metres width.

The WindWings installation is part of Berge Bulk's ambition to become carbon neutral by 2025 and marks the Berge Olympus as the world's most powerful sailing cargo ship.

The Berge Olympus will save 6 tonnes of fuel per day on an average worldwide route and, in the process, reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 19.5 tonnes per day.

In addition to the installation of the WindWings, Berge Olympus has been retrofitted with a shaft generator system

The shaft generator is driven by the main engine to supply electric power to the vessel, thus saving fuel and reducing emissions. With a 1MW capacity, it is sized to eliminate the need to operate auxiliary engines while at sea

Berge Bulk is evaluating the potential of installing WindWings on more of its vessels that trade on routes with favourable wind conditions.

As part of the global effort to reach future decarbonisation goals, Berge Bulk is forging a trail to carbon neutrality by 2025 through safe, efficient and sustainable shipping.

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