Baltimore Claims MV Dali Ship that Hit Francis Scott Key Bridge Was ‘Unseaworthy’

Baltimore City Officials claim in court papers that the MV Dali Ship, which hit the Key Bridge, was unseaworthy when it left port.

Officials have accused the ship’s owner and manager of negligence and want them to be liable for the deadly collapse.

The incident, which took 6 lives, could have been avoided if they realised the ship was unseaworthy as it suffered a power supply problem just hours earlier.

Maryland’s federal court will decide the outcome & liability for what could be one of the most expensive maritime disasters in history.

The city complaint argued that thousands of vessels crossed the bridge for several years without any accidents.

The complaint added that the crash resulted from negligence and carelessness of the owner and operator.

MV Dali Ship was headed to Sri Lanka when it lost power after leaving Baltimore Port and hit one of the Bridge’s Support columns.

The incident affected maritime traffic through the busy harbour and disrupted an important East Coast trucking route.

The filing argues that the economic impacts could be devastating for the Baltimore region.

Grace Ocean and Synergy have sought to cap their liability at roughly $A67 million.