1. Ocean Engineering

A career in ocean engineering provides engineers with ample scope to combine their passion for water with their technical knowledge.

2. Marine Biology

If you're more interested in biology, marine biology is one of the maritime careers for you. Their job is to closely study organisms in natural ecosystems.

3. Marine Mammal Trainer

If you love sea creatures, try a career as a marine mammal trainer. They actively train and interact with dolphins, seals, whales and otters.

4. Marine Archeology

Marine archeology offers an opportunity to unravel the mysteries that lie beneath the ocean floor.

5. Marine Researcher

If you are interested in the ocean world as a whole you can choose a marine researcher career, they study the Earth's waters.

6. Marine Environment Educator

On the other hand, as marine environmental educators, we can strive to bring real change to the marine world and sustain marine life in a more holistic way. 

7. Aquatic Veterinarian

One maritime course that is perfect for those who love both animals and water is Aquatic Veterinary. Board certification is required to become an aquatic veterinarian.

8. Scuba Diving Instructor

A career as a scuba diving instructor involves teaching individuals and groups how to safely scuba dive. It requires a high level of knowledge and skill in scuba diving.

9. Underwater Filmmaker

A career in photography gives a person many spectrums. In the field of oceanography, photography is a medium of choice.

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