Ocean Engineering

Ocean engineers are involved in the designing, building, and refining of pieces of equipment.

Marine Biology

Marine biologists are people who study life within oceans. 

Marine mammal trainers train and actively interact with animals like dolphins, seals, and whales, etc.

Mammal Trainer

Marine Archaeology is defined as a vast field of study that comprises the ocean and seas.

Marine Archeology

Marine researchers study the Earth’s aquatic bodies and essentially perform different lab-based research. 

Marine Researcher

A Maritime degree in oceanography makes you eligible to study many aspects of marine life.


Aquatic Veterinarian

Aquatic Veterinarians are known to specialize in the treatment of animals in the ocean and seas.

Underwater Filmmaker

Once an individual is fluent in the language of photography, they can be really confident about aquatic photography. 

Marine Scientist

A marine scientist is someone who conducts studies on waterbodies while performing many other duties. 

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