Owing to the specialized nature of the work onboard ship, it is mandatory to have the right skill set for this line of work as well.

Right Qualification
Choose the Right Job

The right stream must be chosen by an individual commensurate with his interest in that specific area of study followed by work.

Health and Fitness

It is important to be fit physically as well as to have the right mental constitution to be prepared for any situation onboard.

Negligible Social Life

If you are a social animal who likes to mingle with friends on every opportunity you can find, then better stay away from the Merchant navy.

Personality and Attitude

Men of strong mental constitution tend to keep it together throughout their contract by having a positive personality with the right attitude

Job surety and high income

Putting in the years onshore or starting the right business can garner equal or sometimes, even more, income than at sea.

Tax-Free Income

You need to complete the required sea time in a financial year to claim a tax-free income

Family onboard

A merchant navy officer can take his/her family on board ship only if allowed by the company.

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