1. Port Hedland

It handles more than 450 million tonnes of cargo and over 1500 ships every year. 

2. Port of Adelaide

Adelaide port handles more than 110 million tonnes of cargo and over 1000 ships annually.

3. Port of Brisbane

Approximately 31,878,000 tonnes of cargo, 896,205 TEU and 2000 ships are handled every year at the Brisbane port. 

4. Port of Melbourne

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Around 79,710,000 tonnes of cargo, including 2,401,000 TEU are handled at the port annually.

5. Port of Darwin

Around 1500 ships, 3775,638 tonnes of cargo and 9000 TEU are handled at this port every year. 

6. Port of Sydney

Sydney port handles around 29,205,000 tonnes of cargo, including 1,777,000 TEU and 250,000 passengers every year.

7. Port of New Castle

Approximately 3,3200 ships, 114,505,000 tonnes of cargo and 11,500 TEU are handled at Newcastle port.

8. Fremantle Port

Around 25,045,192 tonnes of cargo, 500,000 TEU, 1580 ships and 1450 passengers are handled at the port annually.

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