Directed by Steve Beck, this 2002-cult classic starts out quite ordinarily before gripping the audience in a powerfully “cinematographed” plot. 

1. Ghost Ship

This 1980 classic was directed by Alvin Rakoff. The plot tells the story of survivors of a cruising vessel.

2. Death Ship

Triangle is a never-seen-before movie that blends sci-fi horror along with a unique supernatural theme. 

3. Triangle

A township plagued by spectres of dead seafarers and sailors, the Fog was regarded to be a cult classic when released in 1980.

4.The Fog

Directed by Stephen Sommers, presents the story of a handful of seafarers plagued by unknown maritime creatures.

5. Deep Rising

A seeming encounter between a German and English war vessel becomes the perfect camouflage for paranormal activities.

6. Below

Extra-terrestrials as the naturally occurring life-forms and humans as unwanted creatures inhabiting planet Earth is the theme of the movie Virus.

7. Virus

Shock Waves is one of the must-watch, horror-themed movies. Why? Because it has zombies! Released in the year 1977.

8. Shock Waves

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