Water Spout, known as a sea tornado, is one of the remarkable weather phenomena around the world.

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1. The Vertical Funnel

Water spouts at sea are vertical wind shear; a wind force that changes direction as it goes higher.

2. Tornadic and Non-tornadic Water Spouts

A tornadic waterspout is associated with thunderstorms, high winds, hail, and frequent lightning.

3. It’s Not Seawater inside Waterspouts

The clouds gather, and water condensation leads to a swirling mass of water droplets.

4. Wind Velocity

According to NOAA, an average waterspout is around 50 meters in diameter, and its associated wind moves at 50 miles an hour.

5. The Earliest Waterspouts

In 1555, at the Grand Harbour of Valletta.

6. Can Be Destructive

Though They are generally non-destructive, they can cause damage and casualties.

7. Sea Water and Parent Cloud

Everything from sea flora and fauna is carried to the cloud and later fall as rain.

8. Difficult to Predict

Their formation and prediction is an enigma, despite extensive studies.

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