8 Biggest Wooden Ships Ever Built

First on the list of the biggest wooden ships is Wyoming, a 6-masted schooner that once sailed the perilous waters of the American coast.

Solano was a massive railroad ferry constructed in California as a reinforced paddle steamer.

Bretagne was a three-deck ship of the French Navy. It was an improved version of the Courbet Class with powerful armament.

Dunderberg, a Swedish word meaning thundering mountain, was a casemate ironclad of 14 guns.

Caligula’s Giant Ship was a barge 6 decks high whose ruins were found during the construction of Leonardo da Vinci International Airport.

Pretoria was an American schooner barge built by James Davidson in West Bay City, Michigan, for the Great Lakes region.

Great Republic was the largest full-rigged ship ever built in the U.S.

HMS Orlando was a Mersey Class ship with a wooden hull and powered with steam, although she was fully rigged.