Geography and Location

It connects with the Mediterranean Sea through the Bosporus Strait, and then through the Sea of Marmara and the Dardanelles Strait.

Why is the Black Sea called so?

There are various theories as to how this sea got to be called by this name. Theories suggest that the Black Sea was earlier called as the 'Inhospitable Sea'.

Is there any Life in the Black Sea?

There is a significant absence of oxygen in the water, thus, marine life cannot survive in the anoxic zone of the Black Sea.


Stories claim that the Ark of Noah came to rest on the slopes of Mount Ararat in Turkey once the flood ended, but, there's a lack of credible evidence to it.

Steady Water Level

The water level in the Black Sea remains the same all the time because of the absence of any high or low tides.

Exotic Smaller Islands

The black sea is home to many small islands, which are an amazing store of flora and fauna making this sea even more unigue.


The dead are believed to persist in the waters of the Black Sea. Remains of ships and humans can still be found at the seabed.


Despite all the mystery linked to the Black Sea, this inland body of water happens to be a major holiday destination all year round.