1. Having a woman on board is bad luck

According to legend, having a woman on board will distract sailors from their work and make the sea angry!

2. Ceremonial ship launching and naming

The tradition of naming ships for good luck and safe voyages has a long history. Historical evidence indicates that the Babylonians celebrate the launch of ships as early as the 3rd millennium BC.

3. Unlucky Friday

In the past, Friday was considered to be an unlucky day to start a seafaring venture because of the fact that Christ was crucified on a Friday.

4. Whistling Up A Wind

It was believed that whistling on the ship resulted in ‘whistling up a storm! 

5. Ghost on Ship

Every sailor has heard stories of ghosts and paranormal activity haunting ships, especially after unfortunate events on board.

6. No Bananas On Board

In the 17th century, bananas were considered unlucky for ships. It was observed that most ships carrying a cargo of bananas disappeared at sea and never reached their destination.

7. Forbidden Words

Some words such as “goodbye” and “drowned” were prohibited to ensure the safe return of the ship and its crew. 

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