5 Major US Shipyards Where Ships Are Built

The United States is home to the largest and finest shipyards in the world, enabling the construction of the sturdiest and most seaworthy vessels.

Austal USA is a shipbuilder based in Blakely Island in Mobile, Alabama. It specialises in building high-speed vessels for transporting passengers, defence ships like the littoral combat ships used by navies worldwide and fast ferries.

General Dynamics NASSCO has designed and constructed numerous ships in the industrial belt of San Diego since the 1960s. It specialises in constructing support vessels for the US Navy, tankers and dry cargo ships for the commercial sector.

One of the biggest shipbuilders in the world, Newport News Shipbuilding has a long history of shipbuilding. It builds nuclear-powered ships for military & commercial use and specialises in constructing aircraft carriers, surface combatant ships and submarines.

It is one of the leading US shipbuilders pursuing major commercial, government shipbuilding & repair projects. The shipyard is located in Philadelphia and is a preferred provider of oceangoing merchant ships.

Situated in the northeastern US, in Bath, Maine, this shipyard has successfully delivered more than 425 vessels since 1884. The shipyard offers a complete range of services, from the designing of vessels to their construction, maintenance & repairs.