5 Important Canals In The United States

Canals were vital waterways for the economic development of the United States and were mainly built to connect rivers and improve the transportation of goods and people.

The Erie Canal lies in Upstate New York and runs east to west between River Hudson and Lake Erie. It was built in 1825 and became the first waterway to connect the Atlantic Ocean with the Great Lakes region.

The Champlain Canal is a historically relevant waterway that was built in 1823. The canal system was made to bring goods to the market and connect Lake Champlain to the Hudson River.

The Pennsylvania Canal is a complicated network of canals, locks, dams and ducts. This canal was made for heavy ships loaded with bulk goods, linking the cities of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh and reaching new.

The Union Canal was a towpath canal in southeastern Pennsylvania in the 19th century. Its construction was proposed to link Philadelphia with the Susquehanna River.

Delaware and Raritan Canal lies in central New Jersey. It connects the Delaware River and the Raritan River. It was an effective and time-saving route for transporting cargo between Philadelphia and New York.