22 Indian Crew Members Trapped On MV Dali Ship After Baltimore Bridge Collapse

The 22 Indian crew members of the container vessel that slammed into the Baltimore Bridge remain trapped on board the stricken vessel.

MV Dali ship struck the Francis Scott Key Bridge, Baltimore on Tuesday, after which the bridge collapsed into the Patapsco River.

6 construction workers who were on the bridge lost their lives.

The ship’s crew members were unharmed following the collision but could not leave the vessel.

They will have to wait until enough debris has been cleared to free the ship and could remain on board for weeks.

The crew was praised for alerting authorities that the vessel had lost power, which led to cars diverting from the bridge and preventing additional fatalities.

Per sources, the crew members have adequate water, food, and fuel to keep the generators running.

Once the Coast Guard and National Transportation Safety Board complete their investigations, the crew members can leave the vessel and go home.

A seafarers' organisation sent them 2 wifi hotspots and a letter to lift their spirits.

MV Dali is owned by Grace Ocean and was chartered by the Danish shipping major Maersk.

It carried 4,700 shipping containers and was headed to Colombo, Sri Lanka when the incident occurred.