1st Cargo Ship Passes through Newly-Opened Channel After Baltimore Bridge Collapse

The first cargo ship passed through the newly opened deep-water channel in Baltimore on April 25.

The channel’s reopening is temporary, it will be closed around May 10 for more cleanup measures

The main channel is set to reopen next month after the MV Dali Ship is removed from the site.

The Balsa 94, a Panama-flagged bulk carrier, became the first vessel to travel through the new 12 m channel.

Later that day, two additional commercial ships joined in, including a vehicle carrier destined for Panama.

The reopening of the channel represents progress in the ongoing cleanup and recovery efforts.

Crews have worked tirelessly to remove thousands of tons of shredded steel and concrete from the entrance to Baltimore’s harbour.

Five vessels trapped in Baltimore for weeks are anticipated to depart through the new temporary channel.

More ships will enter the port, which handles more cars and farm equipment than any other port in the country.

Despite the reopening, parts of the port’s main channel remain restricted by steel span pieces.