1st American-Built Offshore Wind Service Operations Vessel Christened At New Orleans

USA’s offshore wind energy supply chain got its first American-built offshore wind service operations vessel.

This vessel will be essential in enabling domestic energy production and bolstering America’s energy independence.

The ECO EDISON christened at the Port of New Orleans, is the first offshore US-flagged wind SOV.

The vessel will operate in Eversource’s South Fork Wind and Ørsted, Revolution Wind and Sunrise Wind undertakings.

The ECO EDISON was created by over 600 workers at ECO in-house shipyards based in Louisiana and Florida.

The vessel’s components were sourced from 34 states, from Alabama to West Virginia.

The ECO EDISON will serve as a floating home base for 60 of the first US offshore wind turbine technicians.

These technicians will work at the wind farms, servicing and maintaining the wind turbines.