Ocean Conservancy

A Washington, D.C. based leading advocacy group working for the protection of special marine habitats.

Surfrider Foundation

A grassroots non-profit organisation dedicated to the protection of oceans and beaches around the world.


An ocean conservation organization, committed to save and restore oceans through targeted policy campaigns.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

A Washington-based marine conservation organization with direct action tactics to save the oceans. 

Take 3

A non-profit organisation focussing on the reduction of plastic pollution in the oceans and beaches in Australia.

Green Peace

It works in the area of oceans, and towards several issues pertaining to the marine environment.

The 5 Gyres Institute

A non-profit organization that works for cutting plastics pollution through primary research.

Oceanic Preservation Society

An organization that focuses on promoting marine conservation and environmentalism.

The Environmental Defense Fund

EDF is known for its works in the area of global warming, ecosystem restoration and oceans.

RicO’Barry’s Dolphin Project

A campaign against Japan’s cruel cetacean hunts and also for halting the Solomon Islands dolphin trade.


A marine preservation group that is against the country’s role in the international shark fin trade.

Natural Resources Defense Council

A non-profit advocacy group that works to protect the oceans from pollution and exploitation.

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

A nonprofit research facility carrying out studies of all aspects of marine science and engineering.

Blue Frontier Campaign

It works towards the improvement of ocean policies in the 23 coastal states of the United States.

Bahamas Plastic Movement

Their goal is to make the region free of plastic debris using research and policy change.

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