120-Year-Old Shipwreck of Japanese Coal Ship Found Off Australian Coast

A Japanese vessel lost for almost 120 years and vanished off the Australian coast has been found.

SS Nemesis, a Japanese Coal Ship, was lost in 1904 while transporting coal to Melbourne in Australia.

The vessel was hit by a strong storm and disappeared along with 32 crew members, as per the New York Post

Even though the vessel was nowhere to be found, the dead bodies of crew members and some fragments of the vessel’s wreckage washed ashore on Cronulla Beach.

The Subsea Professional Marine Services, a remote sensing major looking out at the ocean bed off the Sydney coast for the lost cargo in 2022, accidentally stumbled upon the missing shipwreck.

The wreck of the Japanese vessel was found untouched, nearly 16 miles offshore and under about 525 feet of water.

The 120-year-old mystery of SS Nemesis and its 32 crew members lost at sea has finally solved with the sudden discovery and identification of a shipwreck off Port Kembla.