1. The Gigantic Ever Alot

World’s Biggest Container Ship

Ever Alot holds the title of the world’s biggest container ship. It is 400 metres long, 61.5 metres broad and has a draft of 17 metres. 

2. The Wonder Of The Seas

Biggest Cruise Ship

The wonder of the Seas is the biggest cruise ship in the world. She measures 1188 ft lengthwise and has a gross tonnage of 236,858.

3. SSCV Sleipnir

Largest Catamaran Crane Vessel

SSCV Sleipnir has two revolving cranes, with a 10,000-lifting capacity each.

4. MS Ore Brasil

Largest Ore Carrier

MS Ore Brasil is the Very Large Ore Carrier which contains seven cargo compartments with a total volume of 219,980 m3.

5. MS Turanor PlanetSolar

The Largest Solar-Powered Vessel

PlanetSolar is the largest solar powered ship and is 31 m long, 15 m broad, and around 6 m high. 

6. CMA CGM Jacques Saade

World’s Largest LNG-Powered Container Ship

Named after the CMA CGM Group founder, Jacques Saade is 400 m long and 61 m broad ship flaunts an LNG-powered Logo.

7. USS Gerald R-Ford Class

Largest Aircraft Carrier

Regarded as a strong warship of the future, The USS Gerald R. Ford carrier measures 1,106 ft lengthwise and has a displacement of 112,000 tons.

8. Yangtze River Three Gorges 1

Largest Electric Cruise Ship

The novel watercraft measures 100 m lengthwise, 16.3 m breadthwise, and can easily accommodate 1300 people.

9. Eco-Livorno

Largest RoRo-Ship

Eco Livorno is an Italian-flagged vessel measuring 238 m lengthwise. It has a 34 m beam and seven decks.

10. Spartacus

World’s Largest Dredger Ship Fueled By LNG

Spartacus has a power of 44,180kW, which makes it easily cut through hard soils.

11. Island Victory

Most Powerful Tugboat

Island Victory is 123 m long, 25 m broad and has a draught of 9.4 m. The ship’s decks span 1200 square metres. 

12. Arktika

Most Powerful Icebreaker Ship

The world’s biggest and most powerful nuclear-powered ice-breaker, Arktika, has a length of 570 metres and a height of 168 m.

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