Plastic bottles, bags, straws, etc., threaten the marine ecosystem as fish and other creatures get entangled in them, suffocate and die.

1. Plastic and Garbage pollution

These artificial chemicals are harmful and are usually released far from the coastlines.

2. Pollution from fertilisers, pesticides, and insecticides

Artificial sounds from ships, sonars, and other equipment disrupt marine mammals' communication, lifecycles, etc.

3. Pollution From Noise Made by Ships and Maritime Equipment

Sunscreens and several topicals that protect our skin from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays are deadly for corals and other marine life.

4. Chemicals From Skincare Products, especially sunscreens

Oil spills can occur when tankers are transporting crude oil at sea, they have a huge impact on the marine ecosystem. 

5. Pollution From Oil Spills

Industrial waste is created during manufacturing activity in factories and when it reaches to oceans through rivers it causes ocean pollution.

6. Pollution from toxic industrial waste & sewage

Scientists have revealed the negative impacts of artificial light at night on marine species and their life patterns. 

7. Light Pollution

The wind takes dust and debris, including small particles, plastic pieces etc., from landfills to rivers or seas. 

8. Pollution from atmospheric emissions

In Eutrophication the nutrients from freshwater sources end up in the open sea and oceans through runoff from municipal and industrial plants. 

9. Ocean Pollution From Eutrophication

Deep-Sea mining operations have detrimental impacts on oceans. A 30-year mining project affects around nine thousand square kilometres of ocean seabed. 

10. Ocean Pollution from Deep Sea Mining
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