There are a range of traditional ship wheels, with details and a power to give a sea-like feel to any room.

Wooden Ship's Wheel

These come in different sizes and the detailing of these items is good enough to impress anyone.

Miniature Ships

They come in various colors, designs, and heights, sometimes attached with a watch.


These bright colored decorative items make wonderful pieces to complete a room’s decor.

Marine Animals

Brass-based, wooden ship wheel-style, lighthouse clocks, are a few of the many styles.

Nautical Clocks

These sit quietly on the edge of your shelves, adding a feel of their own to entire room.

Little Sailors

Rustic telescopes are all time marine decoration items that never fail to give an area a rustic feel.

Marine Telescopes

Marine inspired furniture are just a few of maritime decorations that adorn any sea lover’s surroundings.

Ship Inspired Furniture

From showpieces to paintings, anchors are widely used to depict the maritime world.


One of the most famous maritime decoration items that signifies the shipping life in the most apt manner.


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