1. Henry Morgan

His most well-known actions include attacking Spanish ships and plundering towns like Puerto Principe.

2. Thomas Tew

Thomas Tew, a notorious pirate, attacked a Mughal Convoy after robbing a large Indian Ship, plundering a treasure worth £100,000.

3. Henry Every

A fancy pirate who captained a ship called ‘Fancy’, he is famous for having made the most of his piracy career quickly.

4. William Kidd

A ruthless hardcore pirate who commanded one of the most famous pirate ships, Captain Kidd was a privateer tasked with driving pirates out of New York and the West Indies.

5. Edward Teach ‘lackbeard”

Edward Teach "Lackbeard" was rightfully famous for his infamous pirate demeanor. He acquired his 1717 French slave ship and renamed it Queen Anne's Revenge.

6. Calico Jack

He became captain of the ship he was sailing with as a quartermaster when he stood up against a seemingly wrong attack decision by the ship’s captain.

7. Francis Drake

Sir Francis Drake served as an English war sailor rather than a full-time pirate in the Caribbean in the 16th century.

8. Anny Bonney and Mary Read

Presenting an extraordinary pirate story of female strength in a man’s world, these two female pirates were anomalies in the world of pirates. 

9. Howell Davis

Having enjoyed a short career of piracy, this young pirate captured the entire Caribbean region with his navigational skills and daring nature to take on ships larger than his own.

10. Bartholomew Roberts

A notorious yet intelligent pirate, Batholomew Roberts, famously known as Black Bart, looted over 400 ships across the Caribbean, Africa and Asia. 

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