1. Marine Engineer

The Marine Engineer profession is concerned with the maintenance and repair of marine machinery.

2. Naval Architect

A naval architect's profession includes the planning and construction of ships and marine vessels. 

3. Bosun

Bosun assists in conducting various operations on the ship and also directs the ship's crew department.

4. Ship Fitter

A ship fitter's job involves repairing and maintaining a ship under the direction of a ship officer.

5. Wiper

Wipers assist with ship maintenance and crew procedures. This career has plenty of room to learn and grow.

6. Underwater Photography

If you're interested in the amazing underwater world and love taking pictures, then there's no better job for you.

7. Aquaculture

If you are interested in fish and marine life, aquaculture could be a marine career of your interest. 

8. Radio Officer

Anyone who has interest in the amazing world of ship navigation should explore this area.

9. Marine Biologist

A marine biology career is concerned with understanding and studying the organisms that live in the ocean.

10. Hydro graphic Surveyor

Hydrographic careers deal with different aspects of the ocean, including geography, hydrogeology, and geophysics. 

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