The Port of Hamburg is the largest port in Germany by volume and is considered Germany’s “Gateway to the World.”

Hamburg Port

The Ports of Bremen or Bremish Ports comprise Bremen and Bremerhaven’s trading ports and are among the largest ports in Germany.

Port of Bremen and Bremerhaven

The Wilhelmshaven port is the only deepwater port placed between the Ems and Weser river, on the western embankment of the Jade delta.

Port of Wilhelmshaven

The port of Duisburg-Ruhrort is the chief inland shipping port in Germany. It is also regarded as the largest inland port in Europe.

Port of Duisburg

The port of Rostock is the fourth-largest port in Germany and is located in northeastern Germany on the mouth of the Warnow River and the sea channel.

Port of Rostock
Port of Emden

The Port of Emden is the third-largest port in Germany, and it is located near the North Sea coast of East Frisia near the Ems River.

This is a significant centre for the administration and transhipment sector with services ranging from Ro-Ro / Lo-Lo traffic to warehousing and port services.

Lubeck Port

Kiel’s port is an important port for goods trade and passengers situated in the Baltic sea bay Kieler Forde’s inner region.

Port of Kiel

The Port of Frankfurt is a medium port in Germany. The port has various inshore ports that have been modified into new uptown regions over time.

Port of Frankfurt am Main

This port also offers deepwater tidal berths at the convergence of the Kiel Canal and the Elbe River.

Port of Brunsbuttel
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